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Headaches Enfield

Headaches Enfield is a free guide and blog post providing advice on Headaches by an Osteopath in Enfield, Winchmore Hill Sal Alu

What are Headaches?

Headaches are a pain experienced in the head but can also occur in the face. They are very common, most people will expereience them at some points in their lives and are usually not a sign of anything serious.  Depending on the type of headache you have (there are various types as we will discuss later) it may be felt as throbbing, sharp or dull and could be constant or intermittent.

What causes Headaches?

Headaches can be caused by an unknown mechanism that activates certain nerves, muscles and/or blood vessels in your head. There are signals that are interacting among the brain, blood vessels and surrounding nerves. The job of these nerves are to send pain signals to the brain.

What are the different types of Headache?

They are split in to two categories Primary and Secondary. Primary Headaches are those that are not caused by another medical condition.

The most common is called a Tension Headache which some healtcare providers believe are caused by tight or tense muscles in the head or joints or muscles on the back of the neck.  Others are known as Cluster, Sinus , New Persistant Daily Headaches (NPDH) and Migraines (which we will talk about in the next blog).

What does a headache feel like?

Tension headaches are the most common, and the most common I treat so I will talk mainly about them.

They are usually consistent without throbbing, bilateral (both sides of the head), mild to moderate, respond well to over the counter medication, worse during over the counter activity, worse during routine activites such as bending over or walking upstairs and can be brought on by stress or tension (emotionally or from poor posture, such as having a desk at the wrong height is one I commonly see.

Cluster headaches are more severe but thankfully less common, come in a clutser at a certain time of year, may go into remission for months, feel like a burning or stabbing, occur behind one eye and are throbbing or constant in nature.

Sinus headaches are usually the result of a sinus infection and therefore one can experience signs of infection like fever but also a bad taste in the mouth, fullness in the ears , snot and facial swelling.

NPDH can come on suddenly for months and in most cases with people who have never expereinced them before and can be constant and persitant without easing up, located on both sides of the head and not responsive to medications.

When are Headaches a sign of something more serious?

This can be when you exeprience:

A sudden, new and severe headache

If it is associated with neurological symptoms such as weakness,dizziness, loss of speach or balance, numbness or tingling etc

Headache with a fever, rash, shortness of breath or rash, that wakes you up at night and that causes severe nausea and vomitting

Headaches that occur after a head injury or accident

If you or your child experience these symptoms please see a doctor immediately

How are headaches treated?

If it doesn’t require immediate medical care there are several options depending on the type of headache you have. Please a qualified medical practioner for a diagnosis.

Treatment options can include counselling and stress management techniques and medications.

Also in my experience Osteopathy can succesfully help with tension headaches which are coming from the joints or muscles in the neck. If you are not sure you can still book an appointment and after a physical examination I will be able to tell you if I can help you or not.

If you are experiencing Headaches Enfield ) I hope you found this useful. For any questions please feel free to contact me.