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osteopathy in enfield

Osteopathy in Enfield

Osteopathy in Enfield is a blog post designed to give viewers an insight into what types of Osteopathy services are available in Pimlico.

There are numerous Osteopaths in the area and all are slightly in different in their approaches and some you may favour over others.

When looking at Osteopathy in Enfield it’s important to look at the profiles of the Osteopaths and select one which best suits your needs.

Which Osteopath should I choose and why?


When choosing to see an Osteopath in Enfield it’s important to consider the location first especially if you are in pain and cannot travel very far as a result. In my opinion it is pointless choosing an Osteopath who is so far away that you ever have to spend longer in the car or longer to walk there as this may aggravate your pain.


The background of the Osteopath is important also because it is pointless seeing an Osteopath who’s background is mainly in treating babies if you have a sports injury.

Opening times

If the Osteopath is open from eight to five only and you can only make evening appointments after work then this would not work for you.


Is the Osteopath a specialist in sports injuries or more gentle treatments like cranial or a bit of both maybe? It is important to think about selecting somebody who sees a lot of the type of patients similar to what you are presenting with. For example most Osteopaths may claim to be specilaists in treating the lower back as this is a common condition we see. However if you have achilles tendonitis for example then Osteopaths who specialise in treating runners or sports injuries could validly claim to specialise in that area. If they specialise in treating babies then maybe less so.

What is Regain Health Osteopathy Clinic’s specialism?

Well at the clinic I specialise in Lower back, middle back or neck pain as this is what I see mostly but my background is in sports so I have seen many of these injuires over the years. Such could include achilles tendinitis, ankle sprains, knee ligament sprains, lower leg muscle strains, hip and groin strains, shoulder and rotator cuff injuries and many more.

My experiences have led me to working in football clubs where I also learned a lot about getting people rehabilitated from injuries as quicky as possible. I used to be a Personal Trainer so have experience in prescribing exercises.

What other options are there for Osteopathy in Enfield?

There are many other good Osteopaths in Enfield, that you could see. Here I have provided a list that you can check out and try also:

GD Osteopathy (Glen Daniels)

On the other side of Enfield in Bush Hill Park you have:

Enfield Osteopathic Clinic (John Yeboah)

So there you have it. Osteopathy in Enfield is very well catered for in my opinion with very good Osteopaths and surely someone who suits your needs and tastes.

For more information you can visit the website of the General Osteopathic Council (GOSC)

By Sal Alu (B.Ost)